Kung Fu Karl
Kung Fu Karl


Mike Parker, Michael William


2012-2015 (Internet)

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Kung Fu Karl (also known under its full on screen title Life Lessons With Kung Fu Karl) is an Internet series created by Mike Parker. It centers around an action movie star from the 70s named Kung Fu Karl who likes to give out advice (often pointless) on the Internet. The show is produced by Mondo Media.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Each episode begins with Karl sitting in front of his laptop talking about something (usually either something that happened in his life or a time of year relevant to when the episode is released). After talking about it for a while, he says "and it brings us to the life lesson of the day." The show then goes into a style that shows illustrations on yellow paper, as the lesson of the day is shown in red letters. Karl then talks about a story from some point in his life. It is common in these stories, whenever the word "anyway" is said, to have it appear, but with "way" replaced by something that Karl just said, or something similar (for example, in the "Hollywood" episode, Karl mentions that he bought a big demolishing machine and named her "Smashy," after which he says "anyway," and "anysmash" appears on screen). After the story, we return to Karl's room, where he repeats the life lesson, and it's show again written down, but with some words replaced with sounnd-alikes (except for one episode), and then he tells us what to take away from it. He then goes of to do something and leaves us with "Karl's Bonus Lesson Of The Week." In some episodes, the life lessons are replaced with "KFK's Krazy Countdown," which tells people tips on how to do something, which are often improbable (although "Karl's Bonus Lesson Of The Week" is still shown in these episodes).


Kung Fu Farl (voiced by Mike Parker): Kung Fu Karl (also known as KFK) is the protagonist of the show. He likes giving out advice online and making love with women. He is known for starring (along with his friend Dark Ninja) in a series of action movies under the title "Dark Ninja" (in Kung Fu Karl's Illustrated Adventures the title is "Death Ninja"). The first of these movies was a hit, but after the second one was a failure, he and DK were shipped to Malaysia and spent 30 years making 20,000 Dark Ninja movies "each one worse than the next." However, some episodes show some of the later movies to be hits.